The best birthday cakes in the land

The best birthday cakes in the land

In many a family, the build-up to birthdays involves hours spent studying cake books, in sweet anticipation of what lavish design one could request from Mum (or Dad!) that year. The wonder of the beautiful cakes often far surpassing the reality of parental cake-decorating ability! Destined to carry on this page-turning tradition, The Great New Zealand Birthday Cake Book has the perfect cake for everyone, young and old - with clear instructions and helpful tips for bewildered parents eager to please!.

From bears, boats and ballerinas to pigs, pirates and princesses – and even the latest in emojis – The Great New Zealand Birthday Cake Book takes birthday parties to a whole new level of celebration and will surely be pored over by any birthday child – or adult – in anticipation of their big day.

Mermaid _Rock _Crab _Army _CMYK       

Exciting new talent Jazmine Nixon has designed and decorated every wonderful cake (there are 80 in total) and all the cake recipes are the creation of acclaimed baker and patissier Dean Brettschneider. Cake designer Jazmine Nixon has a background in graphic design and painting. Having designed cakes for the past five years (including one for the OHbaby! Hairy Maclary party), this is her first book publication. Find and follow Jaz on Instagram: @jazminenixoncakes.

Fiery _Volcano _CMYK

The cakes in the book were all given names by the enthusiastic children from Room 10 at Churchill Park School, who came up with such gems as ‘Swan Lake & The Dancing Tutus’ and ‘Spike the Sprinkly Kiwi’ (pictured here).

Spike _Sprinkly _Kiwi _CMYK

This book has been designed to guide you step-by-step through all the basics, and also includes plenty of practical design and decorating tips in a 22-page ‘How to’ section. Two laminated A1 template sheets tucked into the back cover of the book will help you create the shape for any cake you desire, and a bookmark reading, ‘This one please, Mum!’ allows kids to choose their favourite cake for an upcoming birthday.

Frank _Robot _CMYK


GNZBCB_Front _Cover _CMYK

 The Great New Zealand Birthday Cake Book is the third book in the ‘Great New Zealand’ series, joining the award-winning The Great New Zealand Cookbook and the current number-one bestseller The Great New Zealand Baking Book. Published by Thom Productions and PQ Blackwell, The Great New Zealand Birthday Cake Book is available wherever fabulous books are sold, in stores from the 19 September 2016.

So blow out the candles, make a wish and eat cake!

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